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From exploring the rich history of Beijing on a walking tour, to wandering the back streets of authentic local markets, to taking in the major tourist attractions like the Great Wall and Forbidden City, our Urban Adventures Beijing tours allow you to get up close and personal with our city, all with a local expert guide. This city is an explosion for your senses, a mix of cultures, and a city that we love and can't wait to share with you.

Setting foot in Beijing is like experiencing an ancient past and a yet to be reached future all at once. From the moment you touch down at the ultra modern new Beijing Capital Airport you can tell you are in a city on a mission to be noticed. It's a place that's embracing the very latest in technology and design (and certainly not afraid to experiment with architecture - just check out the CCTV tower, the National Centre for Performing Arts, The Birds's Nest Stadium and Water Cube!), while at the same time beginning to treasure its cultural heritage, such as the ancient hutong alleyways.

You'll meet the hip, young new middle class thronging the fashion malls and taking in cutting edge modern art at places like the 798 Art Factory whilst the elderly residents doing their morning tai chi in the Temple of Heaven Park won't be forgotten. Outside of Beijing is the incredible Great Wall just waiting to be hiked and villages where farmers offer their fresh produce at family restaurants, while in the very centre of the city is the immense Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and markets selling anything you can imagine and many things you can't! You'll be tempted by spicy street food, Beijing Duck, dumplings and noodles and have a chance to while away the afternoon over green tea and mahjong or being pampered with a reflexology foot massage.

The locals of Beijing are proud to show off their city and all it has to offer, both the iconic sights and hidden gems on our unique Beijing tours. You'll not be stuck for choice but may find you need to come back again to experience more! And at the pace Beijing is growing and changing, by then there will no doubt be even more to see!

Great Wall Experience tour in Beijing Great Wall Experience
from 7 reviews
From USD 147.00

One of the greatest constructions in the world, the Great Wall of China is a hard act to follow, but this Beijing tour does its best by providing a lunch and foot massage chaser after your Great Wall hike. Touche Urban Adventures... touche.


Beijing Insight tour in Beijing Beijing Insight
from 4 reviews
From USD 77.00

Think of this as the ultimate, quick reference guide to China's capital. See the monuments and icons, ride the subway,  try some dumplings, and hit the parks and pagodas scene; this is Beijing 101 suitable for newbies and returning travellers. 


Beijing by Bike tour in Beijing Beijing by Bike
from 4 reviews
From USD 74.00

Be one of the estimated nine million bicyclists in China on this Beijing tour. Spin your wheels through the backstreets and hutongs, stopping for some market appreciation, lunch, green tea, and a game of mahjong with the locals. Good luck winning that one, you're gonna need it!


Beijing Street Bites Real Beijing Gourmet
from 3 reviews
From USD 59.00

Did someone say dumplings? Join this Beijing tour to learn how to master the fine art of dumpling making (as well as the equally fine art of dumpling eating). Other arts perfected on this tour include: snacking at markets, riding public transit, and drinking at hutong rooftop bars. 


Beijing Internatlonal Theater and Dance Festival
[ 06/11/2014 - 26/12/2014 ]

Once a year, a range of Theatre and Dance live performances and lectures from all over the world come to Beijing.

Temple Fairs
Place: Temples and Parks - [ 02/02/2015 - 16/02/2015 ]

Beijing's temple fairs have been exciting for about 1,000 years. They started with religious purposes mainly, then combined holiday celebrations, shopping opportunities and so on. There are three types of temple fairs, monthly temple fairs, temporary temple fairs and temple fairs for different professions/industries.

Place: Xi'an - [ 04/04/2015 ]


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Mr. Gustaaf v.
24 Aug 2014
Kevin readily adapted the trip to what I already had experienced in Beijing at earlier visits
Ms. Linda B.
18 Jul 2014
This was absolutely excellent. Our great guide Michelle took its to the local market where we bought ingredients to make Chinese dumplings, and admired weird and wonderful food. We then visited a lady who lived in a tiny apartment in the Hutong and she showed us how to make dumplings. we did a lot of laughing and managed to mangle and make dozens of dumplings which our host then showed us how to cook. Then we ate. great fun, very educational and we thoroughly recommend it.
Ms. Jane T.
New Zealand
14 May 2014
Dennis is an excellent guide and I really enjoyed my day.
Mr. Paul O.
11 Nov 2013
Michelle was excellent. Gourmet tour was the highlight of our trip. Enjoyed by parents and teenager as well. The entire group was fun and Michelle honestly enjoyed giving the tour. A good introduction to the street food we would face the rest of the week. The only disappointment was the "dumpling making." We didn't really make anything....just ate some at a local home.
Ms. Stacy B.
22 Jul 2013
Lilly my guide was lovely, i had a wonderful experience trying out some local food in beijing. I saw and learnt about some of the real Beijing.
Mr. Ali S.
15 Jul 2013
I booked 3 tours with urban adventures in Beijing: The bike tour, The great wall tour and the Beijing gourmet tour. All of them were lots of fun and very informative. My tour guides Casper and Linda were both fabulous and so much fun to hang out with. Overall it was an amazing experience and in the few days I stayed in Beijing, I got to take in a lot that city had to offer.
Ms. Bernadette B.

23 Jun 2013
Had a great time with Feng even though my bicycle skills and traffic management were dodgy. Maybe a better meeting place as we got confused by 2 similarly named hotels near each other.
05 May 2013
Casper was a great guide. Really enjoyed seeing the sights around Beijing with her and would definitely recommend urban adventures for its day tour options. Thanks!
Mr. Paul D.
United Kingdom
20 Apr 2013
My guide Jerry was great and the day was one of the best things I did in my time in Beijing. Thanks!
07 Apr 2013
This was an excellent tour, thank you for the early start, it was great to get to the wall before lots of other tourists. Linda you are a great tour guide Really enjoyed the foot massage at the end of the tour

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